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Gemstones – Unique Gemstones

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If you’re interested in adding unique, colored gemstones to your jewelry wardrobe, start with a consultation from Saunders Lux Jeweler!  Since colored gemstones have no actual “grading system,” as diamonds do, evaluating them is different than diamonds.  It’s also important to consider how the gemstone will be set and worn. Softer gemstones such as Opals and Emeralds should not be set in jewelry intended for everyday wear, or mounted in a way that can cause damage to the stone.

Here are some quick tips to consider when purchasing Colored Gemstones:

  • Color – The color of gemstones is important. Generally clear, medium-tone, intense and saturated primary colors are the most preferred. Avoid stones with color that is too dark or color that is muddled. The brighter and more vivid the color, the better.
  • Clarity – Gemstone clarity is the next most important factor in valuation, after color. Clear, transparent gemstones with no visible flaws are the most valuable. Clarity can sometimes be difficult to judge, but if inclusions aren’t visible when the stone is set, then it rarely matters.  Remember, too, that some gemstone varieties, such as emerald, are rarely seen without inclusions.
  • Carat - Gemstones are sold by weight, not by size and prices are calculated per carat. It’s important to recognize that some gems are denser than others, so similarly sized stones of different varieties may differ greatly in cost.
  • Cut – Cut is very important as to how the stone is used in gemstone jewelry. A good cut will add a lot to the beauty of the stone, much in the same way as a bad cut will subtract from it.

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